photos from my Brain Frame performance with Carrie Vinarsky and Jail Flanagan

space dogs

Page 2 of a 12 page anthology story for Alternative Comics. I illustrated some pages from the 1969 memoir of Cupid, a former member of the Chicago street gang the Vice Lords.

My book School Spirits got a great review on TCJ today. ›

tentative costume designs for upcoming Brain Frame performance.

I will be playing “Sy”. 

Look what the zine fairy brought me! Oh-did I say zine fairy? I meant hours of grueling physical labor. New 4 color screen printed mini, printed at Hoofprint Workshop, available only at CAKE. I’M PSYCHED!!!!! 

Well, O.K, so I’m pretty obsessed with working on Band for Life…Keeping up with it is taking most of my energy at this point, between drawing and coloring. It’s funny too-I’ve never had to work this fast and keeping things even moderately consistent is REALLY hard. Episode 7 (pages 16 and 17) will go up this Friday on the Vice website. Here i’m posting pages 5-8.

Ok so i haven’t been posting much lately ‘cause I just started doing a weekly comic for Vice online and have been obsessively working on it and neglecting other projects. I started with a 4 page installment last week, seen above. It’s gonna be a weekly thing-every Friday you’ll get the latest installment (usually a page, sometimes more) on the Vice site and I’ll post the previous week’s installment here…