Well, O.K, so I’m pretty obsessed with working on Band for Life…Keeping up with it is taking most of my energy at this point, between drawing and coloring. It’s funny too-I’ve never had to work this fast and keeping things even moderately consistent is REALLY hard. Episode 7 (pages 16 and 17) will go up this Friday on the Vice website. Here i’m posting pages 5-8.

Ok so i haven’t been posting much lately ‘cause I just started doing a weekly comic for Vice online and have been obsessively working on it and neglecting other projects. I started with a 4 page installment last week, seen above. It’s gonna be a weekly thing-every Friday you’ll get the latest installment (usually a page, sometimes more) on the Vice site and I’ll post the previous week’s installment here…

Page 9 of my story “Bugged”. The coloring process has been going a little slower than I’d hoped ‘cause I’m busy drawing new stuff…But that’s a good problem I guess.

Page 5 of a 30 page story called “Bugged”. Posting every other day or so. Happy new year warriors and warrioresses.